GO IN tested product quality
Before a piece of furniture is included in our product range, it must be put to the test and undergo up to 150,000 cycles. Only after successfully passing the stress test (in accordance with DIN EN 16139 for chairs and DIN EN 15372 for tables) does it receive our seal of GO IN tested quality. Please ask us for a written test certificate.
German family business
For almost 50 years, the heart of this family-run traditional company has been beating for furniture systems in the catering and hotel industry.
Furniture to look at, touch and try out. Visit our showrooms and be inspired on site. The GO IN experts are looking forward to meeting you! Further information and booking options can be found at the bottom of our website under "Showrooms".
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Our looks. Stylish new products. And timeless tradition.

The restaurant business is wonderfully diverse – from hip, trendy restaurants, to cosy Viennese coffee houses, to charming country pubs. GO IN has the right furniture and looks for every concept, including yours. From style-conscious, to retro flair, to a classic look: create a unique ambience for your guests with our wide range of designs and colours.

Magnificent Magenta

"Magnificent" means wonderful, grandiose, shiny and splendid - and these descriptions fit perfectly with the colour around which our new look revolves. Because magenta glows, is a real eye-catcher and creates a special elegance in the room.

Industrial Style

Expressive materials combined with rough surfaces do not create a cool atmosphere at all. The warm tones of the wood, the right lighting and the color of the bricks create a homely atmosphere to feel good in.

Ocean Breeze

The roaring surf, the back and forth of the waves, the interplay of wind and weather - it fascinates and liberates us. "Ocean Breeze" picks up on this magic. With maritime colors in many facets of the longing color blue. It stands for vastness, freedom and clarity, it calms and has a soothing effect on us.

Palm Valley

In the field of interior design, the color green in all its facets is the first choice when creating feel-good ambience. Green has a calming and harmonizing effect due to its closeness to nature.

A walk in the woods

Hardly any other material is as classic and at the same time as versatile as wood. Depending on the type and color scheme, it can be used to create very different atmospheres in the gastronomic space. Wood contributes significantly to a good atmosphere.

Solid North

Where it is cool, wet and dark outside for many months of the year, people have always enjoyed making themselves comfortable and beautiful inside: the tasteful design of the interior has a long tradition in Scandinavia. The famous scandinavian design inspires the world of design still to today.

Blush Rose

It provides a bright, pleasant ambience, is timeless and at the same time en vogue again: Old pink is the perfect all-rounder in the interior and can be combined in many ways.

Cozy Hygge

It's getting chilly outside again. Guests are drawn indoors, into the cozy warmth. Probably more than ever, people are longing for comfort and coziness. The Danes have long had a concept for this: hygge.

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